Anti-phishing training now available in Microsoft Teams

Posted 14/05/2024

Further to previous communications, IT Services has now released the first set of training materials in the MyCompliance tile on Microsoft Teams.  

IT Services has partnered with MetaCompliance to launch this training together with anti-phishing simulations, to raise awareness of phishing and help you deal with it appropriately, reducing the risk that you will engage with malicious content putting yours and the University’s data at risk.

Training materials will continue to be released twice a month, under the new MyCompliance tile which appears as a separate tile down the left-hand side of Teams and not in the Chat/Messages area:

As outlined in this short video from Kevan Ryan, awareness and knowledge of cyber security risks are a fundamental and crucial element of the University’s risk management and this training is to help you spot phishing attempts, which will help to keep you and the University safe and secure. Working together we can raise awareness of the responsibility everyone has to be aware of phishing and stay vigilant when working with email and other communication tools.

Please get in touch with IT Services if you have any concerns or queries about phishing or cyber security, and how you can help keep your data and the University’s data safe.

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